Legendary Products: Standard Trail Boss

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Standard‘s Trail Boss didn’t make it into the print version of the “Legendary Products” article that ran in Dig 90 but it sure as shit should have. I don’t even think people that started riding after that era could ever appreciate how big of a hole the Trail Boss filled in the frame market at the time. Riding trails was getting huge yet your only real frame choices were an S&M Dirt Bike/Holmes, an under built race frame, or a ten pound freestyle frame. I swear to you that was it! I had a Dirt Bike but it was too small and the back end on the Holmes was too long. I ended up switching to a race frame and within months managed to blow the forks clean off of it. Imagine cruising through a section and right as you land going into a berm your forks are suddenly gone. What’s crazy is to this day I still remember falling and seeing my bike on one side of me and my “front wheel” on the other side. I got up and was like “oh shit my wheel fell off”. Well yeah it did fall off but it also had the fork legs and top of the crown still attached. Did I mention my entire shirt also ripped off. Somehow I was able to walk away with just a big scratch on my chest. An inch lower and I would have been down to one nipple (though according to BF they grow back). So obviously I was in the market for a new set up. I scrounged up some forks to borrow but really didn’t want to take any chances riding the frame that matched the detached forks any longer than I had to. I had seen a picture of Robbo on a new frame in the works from Standard called the Trail Boss and immediately decided that was what I wanted to replace my deathtrap with. Being that the internet was still in its infancy and most of the info regarding BMX came months late via print I set off to try and find out more about this new frame. I probably flipped through the current magazine issues looking for info and quite possibly called Dans, but what finally got me the info I needed was a call straight to the source, Standard. I can only imagine how many calls a day they got from creepy kids such as myself, but they were beyond nice and gave me the lowdown on the new frame. Just my luck that the first batch was about to ship and they offered me a chance to buy one straight from them. About a week later it showed up and I shit you not I can still remember the way that frame smelled when I opened the box. That’s probably because I went on to have like five of them and their paint had a really distinctive smell. The Trail Boss filled a huge hole in the market and went on to back up Standard’s moniker by setting the standard for trails frames to come. Aside from the bucket sized bottom bracket shell and hammer in head tube a Standard Trail Boss wouldn’t look one bit out of date at a set of trails today. Enough with my trip down memory lane, head on over to Dig and check out their thoughts on the Trail Boss.