Los Angeles Dirt Park Petition

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A petition has been spun up by DJ Cosgrove to try to gather support for a state owned and operated dirt park to be constructed in Los Angeles. Sounds pretty awesome to me! Do him and all of the riders in the Los Angeles area a favor and take a second to throw a signature on it right HERE. You can read more about their plans after the jump and keep up with their progress towards making this a reality on their FB page.

“In the early 1970’s freestyle bmx was born right here in Southern California. Inspired by motocross, the first freestyle BMX bike was created by Mongoose Bikes in Simi Valley, California.

From there the sport exploded and was then picked up by the X-Games, which Los Angeles went on to host for 8 consecutive years. In 2008, BMX racing became a part of the Summer Olympics and a private training facility for the USA athletes was built in Chula Vista, CA.

Southern California has played such a vital part in the the growth of this sport, yet Los Angeles fails to have even one bicycle sanctioned dirt park. There are, however, 52 public skateparks in Los Angeles, but only a handful of them allow bikes at all.

All across America, bicycles are being denied access to riding areas seemingly designed for their use, namely ‘public’ skateparks. These parks are funded by tax dollars, yet not all tax-paying citizens are allowed to use them. This discrimination seems unfair.

The solution is simple; give the bike riders a legal place to ride their bikes on a proper course. Our dream is to create a state owned and operated dirt park that will be publicly maintained. The dirt park will feature several courses that are for BMX and Mountain Bike riders, with skills ranging from beginner to expert. The jumps will be built and maintained by the riders and operated by the city with possible membership fees and other revenue opportunities available within the dirt park area.

A dirt park is an excellent way to build a community, promote exercise and teach kids work ethic. Any rider that has spent time trail riding knows you spend just as much time maintaining the trail as you do riding. This creates a unique connection to the sport that cannot be obtained at a skatepark that is prebuilt for one’s enjoyment.

Los Angeles has done a great job with their parks programs, but there is a large community of athletes that have been overlooked. There are endless numbers of baseball diamonds, soccer fields, dog parks and skate parks. We ask that you please give our sport the recognition it needs and provide us with a plot of land to create the first ever, publicly funded dirt park.

The kids of Los Angeles have talents that deserve to be discovered and developed. It’s time for a place of our own.

The Los Angeles Dirt Park. 2015.