Merritt Brian Foster 8.25″ Bars On Sale For $20!

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It doesn’t even seem like all that long ago that 8.25″ tall bars were considered humungous. These days though… that’s definitely on the smaller side. And for that reason Merritt is blowing out their remaining 8.25″ Brian Foster signature bars for just $20! You already know they’re 8.25 inches tall, but the other specs are 29″ wide, 12° back sweep, 2° up sweep and a weight of 27.1 ounces. They feature multi-butted heat treated chromoly tubing, dual radius bends, a 19mm crossbar and of course come with the Blue Falcon’s seal of approval. If that sounds good to you then make your way over to Merritt’s Web Store and grab yourself a set while they’re dirt cheap!