MKM Trails Welcoming Jam Edit

After nearly two years in the making, the MKM Trails located in Sunrise, Florida’s Markham Park were finally opened up to the public with a Welcoming Jam back in November. That should have been the beginning of a fresh new trails scene in Florida, but unfortunately egos and politics within the park quickly put both the new scene and the trails themselves in jeopardy.

In what can only be described as a hostile takeover, Charles Ginther, aka @fiftyfoe54, aka the man who built the place was systematically ousted from the project. Apparently a few people local to the park felt that what Charles had built was over their heads, and rather than volunteering to work with him to build some smaller lines, they decided that it would be easier to complain to the park that the jumps too big and that them being chained up when Charles wasn’t there limited their access. If you happened to follow Charles on Instagram then you know that the jumps being locked up when he wasn’t there was a non-issue. Dude was there building pretty much 24/7!

This was all in an effort to have them force Charles to change what he had built into something they felt comfortable riding. What ended up happening is that Charles was told that the jumps presented too much risk and needed to be torn down. Needless to say that didn’t go over with Charles very well and after some back and forth between him, the park officials and the people who complained about the jumps, he had no other choice than to walk away from the project. Imagine putting your heart and soul into building what was supposed to be a legal and protected spot, only to have it ripped away because a handful of idiots didn’t like some of what you had built and didn’t want to put the work in themselves to help create what they wanted to ride.

There’s one more kicker though! It’s been a few months since this has all gone down, and not only are the jumps still locked up, but those group of lazy guys who complained and set all these events in motion, well… they’re now the ones with the keys who control access to the trails.

Charles still hasn’t given up the fight to get the spot back though, and releasing this edit that he made from MKM’s Welcoming Jam is all part of the plan to help spread the word about the situation to help garner support! Let’s hope that things work out!