MX Trails “Trekt Op Nieks” DVDs

bmx trails dirt jumping

The CYDI Store has one more goodie for you today! We have a box of the MX Trails “Trekt Op Nieks” DVDs on it’s way over to us from Belgium! The video documents the MX Trails Crew’s travels around the world, and features footage from Posh, Catty, Hazelwood, Banos, and of course their own spot. You can definitely expect a full review from us as soon as we get our hands on them! Though I haven’t seen it just yet, I’ve heard nothing but good things from those who have. I can’t wait to see all the crazy shit that Foerske does in here! We should have the DVDs in sometime next week, so order now and we’ll have your copy out to you the same day we get them in. You can do that and check out the teaser below!
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