New Stuff, Closeout Stuff & Random Stuff!

bmx trails dirt jumping

We got the new Skeleton shirts in the other day and they came out even better than expected! I absolutely love how the print came out and how it feels! If you didn’t catch it in the last post, we went with a printing method that doesn’t use ink, just the discharge base that removes the color from the shirt. That means that the design feels just as soft as the shirt itself. I also have to say that I’m a big fan of the black heather, no offense to the navy or anything!

I’m finally all caught up with getting the pre-orders shipped out so now I can finally focus on those of you who didn’t order one yet. As with most of our designs this one is one run and they’re done. That means get it while you can because once they’re gone, they’re gone! Head on over to the CYDI STORE and grab one!

While we’re on the subject of the store, I could use some help clearing out a few small things. By small I mean the two size small Stamp shirts and one small Fisher long sleeve that we have left. I’d like to get rid of them so I can pull them down from the store and make room for some new stuff. The Stamp shirts are marked down to $9.99 and the Fisher long sleeve is $19.99.

We’re also down to only one green and one blue fleece lined beanie. For those of you who are about to head into winter, they’re perfect for keeping your head nice and toasty during the winter digging months!

Lastly are the Dig Monster, Trails Kick Ass and Fisher shirts. Remember what I said earlier about one run and they’re done? Well, it’s the same for these and we are getting down to the last of them. Pick one up if you haven’t done so already because you definitely don’t want to miss out on getting your hands on one! I even made it easy for you to do so right below!