NORA Cup “Trail Rider Of The Year” Award!

bmx trails dirt jumping

Well friends, I couldn’t be any happier to tell you that Ride BMX has decided to add “Trail Rider of the Year” to the list of awards they give out at this year’s NORA Cup! Gone is the previous award for “Dirt Jumper of the Year” that for the most part catered to contest dudes, except for when Clint Reynolds won it in 2015. This new award takes into account a rider’s contribution to the trails scene just as much as it does their riding. In other words, the person who wins this will be someone who puts as much, if not more time in with a shovel as they do actually riding their bike. I’m absolutely thrilled that Ride stepped up and created this new award that will acknowledge someone kicking ass in the trails community. It’s about damn time!