Numero Uno

BMX trails dirt jumping

I spotted this on Groove Merchants awhile ago and it really took me back.  I can’t think of a more fitting first post then one about the place that really started it all for me.  I can still vividly remember the feeling I got the first time I walked up the hill from the parking lot and laid eyes on this place. Sure I’d been riding for quite awhile before then and had even built what I thought were trails behind my grandparents house.  This was something so different though it may as well have been another planet.  A giant field situated next to an equally giant water tower with countless jumps laid out one right after the next.  Apparently I had been grossly misinformed as to what trails were because the disorderly assortment of jumps I had been calling trails looked nothing like what I was seeing.  Still in a state of shock as to what laid before me I looked to my right and saw what seemed like as many kids sitting on top of the starting hill as there were jumps at the place.  I probably stood there for a good 10 minutes just taking everything in.  The amount of jumps, the number of locals, and the effortless style they possessed was almost too much for to my 15 year old brain to process.  The place even had its own local pro!  That’s Robbie Miranda spinning that dub in the picture above.  He may have still been racing in the expert class at the time the pic was taken, but to myself and anyone else that got to witness him ride that place he may as well have been Mat Hoffman.  Over the next few years this place that would come to be known as Capital Trails would become my home away from home and establish the love for trails I still have to this day.

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