Oldscool BMX Trailer

Man I’m psyched on this one! Play and Useless were the shit when I was growing up. As a fact, Play was actually my first sponsor back in the day. I remember seeing a Play ad after Hal had sold it and the new address was in Washington, DC. This was the strangest thing to myself and the crew I rode with at the time because we were the BMX scene in DC and couldn’t figure out how Play could now be located there. We decided to investigate the matter on one of our nightly street rides. I’m almost certain it was after 9pm that we arrived at the address listed and knocked on the door of some random house. What’s funny about that is that DC was still pretty ghetto back then so getting an unexpected knock on the door in the middle of the night would have been pretty unnerving. Strangely enough the door opened and we were greeted by Rex the new owner of Play. Unfortunately he was never able to get the same momentum behind Play that Hal had and it soon went belly up. Nonetheless it was good times and I learned a lot during Play Clothes brief existence in Washington, DC. I pretty much thought that Play would only live on in people’s memories and in the few items that I have left from those days (there’s actually a number plate sitting on my desk as I type this). Hal and Leigh have decided to bring back some of the classic designs that Play, Useless, and 2B Homecooked once had through their new project Oldscool BMX. Have a look at the trailer they put together and then get over to the Oldscool BMX site for more info.