Nathan Sykes & Matt Cordova – 100% Split Edit

I wish I could tell you that Nathan Sykes and Matt Cordova’s split edit for 100% was comprised of more than 9.148% trails footage. Unfortunately I can’t do that, but on the positive side of things I can tell you that it’s a damn good 29 seconds of trails footage. Skip to 04:07 to get to it.

Solid WASP R.I.P.

Solid Wasp RIP

Well, the trails world is down one trails frame and BMX is down one American frame manufacturer. Rumors have been circulating about this for a few months now but Huff just recently made it official on the Solid site. Better snatch up a WASP frame now if you want one!

“OK. So we moved from Sacramento, California to Corvallis, Oregon. After 25 years of living in the same place I decided it was time for a change. But its not like I can just pack up my hatchback and hit the road. I have three kids, a wife and a shop full of machines, materials and tools. I had been spread too thin for too long trying to do Solid brand parts, frame, crank and handlebar production for other companies as well as running CNC machines making headtubes, bbs, stems, sprockets, etc. Can’t do it all, so I am officially out of the frame, crank and handlebar business. Downsized to a small shop with the CNC machines and myself. I am putting all my energy and focus into frame building parts and possibly stems and sprockets. Thanks for all the support over the last 19 years and am really looking forward to the new version of Solid.” -Aaron Huff

United Winter Apparel

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United has a bunch of stylish new soft goods to help keep you warm this winter. Just in time for this really cold weather that has a grip on most of the country, their Signature Long Sleeve Henley, Wolf Crew Sweatshirt, Mothership Zipper Hoodie, and Signature Pullover Hoodie are available now at your favorite United Dealer. You can check out the new line in detail right HERE.

Cory Nastazio – Pro-Tec ProFile

John Lee’s brother from another much tanner mother, Cory Nastazio sat down with Pro-Tec to talk about his plans for next contest season, his helmet of choice, and a bunch of other randomness that comes from the Nasty Dawg. I did find it humorous when he said that he wants contest to have proper courses with big jumps. I kind of remember him strugglin’ at Dreamline.

Panamoka Peanuts POV

I’ve been to Long Island a few times now and still have yet to make it out to Panamoka. Usually what happens is that someone will bring up the traffic on the L.I.E. and someone else will inevitably suggest we go to Boondocks first and then see what happens. What happens is that we never make it any further. That’s got to change next season!