Mike Potoczny – Ten Trick Tuesday

I feel weird posting a park video when it’s sunny and 70 degrees outside but I think most of us are still a ways from actually getting to ride what we’ve been working on. So here you go, Mike Potoczny ripping The Wheel Mill for Epic’s Ten Trick Tuesday. We’ll just go ahead and rename that Ten Trick Thursday since I’m a couple of days late on coming across it.

Dig or Die T-Shirts Available Now!

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This is yesterday’s news to everyone who follows our social media channels, but for those of you who don’t, we finally have some new shirts! We enlisted the help of Nick Sawyers on this one to come up with a badass design that sends a clear message to all the trail roaches out there. Dig or Die mother fuckers! They’re available for pre-order from the CYDI STORE right now and will be shipping out next Friday. Get yourself one!

Red Bull – Tip to Tail Episode 3

I skipped posting episode two of Red Bull’s Tip to Tail because there weren’t any trails in it. Episode three doesn’t suffer from that same problem since the crew makes their way to the Moon Creek Trails. Once again I did a whole bunch of skipping through. Run it from the start if seeing a bit a park strikes your fancy this morning, otherwise jump to 03:21.