Řáholec Jam 2015 Teaser

It’s weird how you’ll hear a song that you haven’t heard in forever and then all of sudden you’ll hear it several more times over the next few days. I heard the System Of A Down song used in this teaser for the Řáholec Jam the other day and now I can’t get away from it. It makes me laugh though so I’m not going to complain! Let this serve as a reminder that the biggest trail jam in central Europe, the Řáholec Jam is going down at the L.E.S. Trails in the Czech Republic this Saturday. More info over on CheckTrails and the flyer after the jump.
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PRAVDA Trails Section

Thinking about it, we don’t really see all that many trail edits come out of Russia. In the last three years I can remember posting less than five. This is trail section from the 2010 PRAVDA video. I was going to hold onto it for a flashback post but then it came to me that none of you have probably ever seen that video. I sure as hell know that I haven’t. The video came out in 2010 but this footage feels a bit older to me, or maybe trail building in Russia was a little behind the rest of the world back then.