Trails in a Cave!

I was skeptical when I heard rumors a few months back of an underground bike park supposedly opening sometime soon in Louisville, Kentucky. Rumors of planned underground parks have popped up before and they’ve never actually materialized. Well it looks like the one in Louisville Mega Cavern is not only going to happen but is also well on its way to being done. I can’t find anything on when it will officially open but from the looks of this video it won’t be long until you’ll be able to hit some jumps 120 feet below the ground. Check out some of the other lines after the jump. Continue reading

Karl Feix @ Staff Trails

A few things before you hit play on this. First off like 3/4 of this is street, so you’ll want to skip right on through all that mess to 01:11 where the Staff Trails part starts. Second, the kid is brakeless and gets within millimeters of ending his own life when his front tire almost goes over a berm. You know that fuzz that new tires have on them when you first get them? That’s all that was keeping him from being a statistic. The third thing to take note of is that there’s no more trails after the Staff section ends. Shut it down after that cause it goes back to all street. I guess the rules of proper web etiquette require me to also mention that this edit is for a company called Archetype.