Paying My Respects To Chertsey

Last night I started seeing rumors floating around social media that the legendary trails that are Chertsey were no more. There seemed to be some disagreement as to whether they were already gone or not so I wanted to hold off on posting anything until I actually saw something about it from a local. That came today, and the word is that the trails are indeed going to be plowed by the land owner due to insurance reasons. Having never actually been to Chertsey I can only speak about the place as an outside observer. It was definitely a spot that was always on my bucket list to visit, and a place that I firmly believe earned the right to be called legendary. I remember seeing videos from there during the mid to late 2000s and being absolutely blown away by the place. They were big, they were fast, and the locals rode them in a way that reminded you of why you got into riding trails in the first place. There were plenty of edits that came out from Chertsey over the years, but for me the one above is what always comes to mind whenever I hear the name. Ride UK put together a proper tribute to Chertsey with loads of pics and videos that you can check out HERE. I definitely suggest that you do yourself a favor and take a look. I’m absolutely gutted to see yet another spot of that stature go.