Photo Gallery: Catty Woods 4th of July Jam By Brian Barnhart

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Intro and photos by Brian Barnhart

The 4th of July Jam at Catty Woods in Pennsylvania is always highly anticipated by both the locals and the many visitors that make the haul. The jumps are usually nicely dialed in at this point in the summer, but thunderstorms can wreak havoc last minute, as they did this year. With only a handful of locals doing the majority of digging early in the season, out of town relief came to the rescue to get Catty’s ten plus lines perfected days before the jam. I was visiting my home trails from the west coast (where I now live), and was excited to be back east amongst old friends and beautiful jumps.

Many people showed up early the morning of the jam to get everything watered and ready for tires. Once the laps began, they were unstoppable. Some people were riding the trails for the first time, some had been flowing the woods since the first shovels met the ground back in 2003. This is something I’ve always loved about BMX; everyone can progress and ride at their own rate or level. The stoke can be shared between a total beginner and someone spinning the biggest dubs in the woods. There were ladies shredding, kids getting hyped, and people like Chris Janis, Cody Diggs, Ekim King, and Fifty4 just killing it. Everyone in attendance seemed excited to be getting laps and catching hang time, or just chilling and watching the action. I even got to show my family the excitement, including my grandparents (my grandfather rolling in with his walker)!

My trip East went way too quickly. I’m so glad I was able to be home for the jam to ride and hang with friends, and shoot these photos to share the experience. I wish I had more time to get shots of everyone, but I wanted to ride! Please help keep this place going by donating to the insurance fund at and by supporting companies that give back to the woods including S&M Bikes, Empire BMX, Action Wheels Bike Shop, Axelrad Screen Printing, and Mutiny Bikes. And of course you can always donate your time with a shovel, rake or watering can.
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