Photo Gallery: Kush Trails By Henry de Salengre

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The other day I got an email from Henry de Salengre that was packed with photos of Canada’s Kush Trails. I’ve posted some videos with footage from Kush before, but I really didn’t know too much about it. What I did know was that it was a place that I put on my bucket list of trails to visit. After a few chats back and forth with Henry, we decided to take the photos he sent and put them into a gallery here on the site. There isn’t a single riding shot, but I think that’s part of the beauty of trails. There are so many other things that you can look at and appreciate other than riding. Check out the gallery and some words from Henry about Kush after the jump. 
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Kush is a semi-secret spot hidden away in a hilly corner of British Columbia in Canada..
It’s a spot on a steep hill cutting into deep woodland, with what seems like a hundreds of possible lines to pick through the dense trail fauna.

For me it was that rare kind of spot where you turn up and go ”Shit! this place is like a large slice of trail heaven.”
Keys to this heaven are owned by Trayle Boss aka Luke Fulgham who has spent more years than anyone here digging and sculpting Kush’s gold with Bondo his bad ass trail dog chilling in his armchair. He flows the place better than anyone and has so many lines dialled in it’s unreal, along with the super good guy Dylan King who builds and slays this place on the reg. There are all the local boys too who dig and shred (too many to list with my bad memory, sorry) and even more who just pop up, It’s a pretty diverse spot with guys from all over the globe getting high at Kush..

[side note: Same old rules. If you show up, don’t be a dick, help dig or repair and respect the spot. Done.]

These photos were taken during some early season dig/ride sessions during winter and spring. As the name suggests, this place is good to go dig, bbq, relax, drink some beers and toke some Kush. Then just go wander around and let all the crazy plants, bugs, mushrooms and animals blur into kush visions.Its a pretty wild place, even the lips and landings have bright green moss and stuff growing on them and that’s the beauty of the place, it’s definitely alive!

Thanks to the boss and locals at Kush for showing the imports like me a good time. Peace.

Words and photos by Henry de Salengre