Photo Gallery: Take It Back Jam 2013

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If you saw our video from last weekend’s Take It Back Jam then you definitely know that checking out this gallery is a must. Brian Yeagle was kind enough to shoot the photos for it and also did a little write up on the jam. Check out both of them as well as our brand new gallery layout after the jump.

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    We made our way out to Bo’s house the night before the contest. Aware of the threat of rain the next day we thought it best to at least spend a few hours riding with Bo the evening before, camp out with whoever else had also arrived and see what weather the next day would bring. Glenn Johnson and Bo were suiting up in the driveway as we pulled up to the house so we were already pleased with beginning. A handful of others arrived shortly after and we rode his yard until failing light called us all to search out spots to set up camp in the woods beyond the jumps. Darkness had already fallen, we were all preparing whatever food we had brought when No-Shirt Steve pulls up to the campsite in his pickup. This wasn’t just like pulling up to any drive-in and camp location. No, here his truck had to broaden the swath of the footpath that runs through the woods. We first heard the low hum of the engine and then small trees and branches scraping the sides of his truck and cracking under his wheels and bumper. Bo came out later in the night with his daughter Tiana who ran from hammock to hammock, fire to swing chair, person to dog to person, making introductions and soliciting for smores, headlamps, or looking to usurp one’s place of rest for just a moment. With great reluctance to leave the exciting night scene and provisional playmates she returned to the house with Bo and this began our own journey toward sleep. Each camper paved their way to rest with either boxed or bottled liquids, devil’s lettuce, or over eating. The effects of individual consumption somehow took over each man in one indiscriminate wave and we all packed ourselves in whatever night incasement we each possessed.

Words & Photos By: Brian Yeagle