Photo Gallery: Trail Construction By Brian Yeagle

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Brian Yeagle dug up some of my favorite style of photos, here we have a really unique perspective of trail construction in Western PA. Click to view .

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    There isn’t any particular theme or chronology to these photos, they are just a collection of images captured at the trails over a few years. It’s interesting to look back at constructions that no longer exist and see what new forms reside in their place. Trails are a curious amalgam of each sculptor’s style that took command of some project and saw it through to the end. An important thing to mention though, there is no end of form and placement. Each winter, all errors, and each new builder, all become occasion for revaluation of the terrain. Even if a few elements independently and in sequence have seemingly perfect harmony that won’t remain. The erosion of rain, snow, and frosting can be prevented, but new hazards are invited with this protection. Soil no longer receiving recurring precipitation under the plastic shields eventually loses the vital moisture that allows the cherished blue-groove to form. Instead of the surface acquiring an asphalt-like quality the arid soil continually sloughs off under the tire. Things must often be rethought, rebuilt, layered over and over. Air temperature, humidity, frequency of rain, frequency of riding; all these things keep the conditions of the trails in constant flux. It’s this dynamic nature of trails that continually challenges one’s patience and imagination. -Brian Yeagle

Photos By: Brian Yeagle