Product: Odyssey Tom Dugan Signature Grandstand Alloy Pedals

Odyssey’s long awaited Tom Dugan signature Grandstand pedals are finally available! More specifically the alloy versions of them (the plastic ones have been out for a little while now). I saw the first prototype of these a little over three years ago at Interbike and immediately knew that I’d be replacing my venerable Trailmix pedals with them as soon as they became available. I didn’t think it would be three plus years from then, but Odyssey likes to do their due diligence as far as product testing and perfecting goes.

The Grandstand pedals feature a wide 105mm dual concave design that is just 17mm thick in the center. Generally there are two ways that most companies go about making thin pedals. They either scale down the axle diameter, or they design the pedal bodies with a large bulge running through the center for the axles and bearings. On one hand your compromising strength, on the other your creating a pedal that isn’t truly thin. Having that bulge running through the center also doesn’t allow your foot to settle completely down into the pedal. That diminishes the pressure your foot has on the traction pins, and thus reduces the grip.

In order to maximize strength and avoid the traction reducing center bulge, Odyssey had to design a completely new bearing and axle system. The result is a truly thin dual concave pedal with a strong heat-treated 14mm axle. The extra width of the pedals ensures that your foot sits right in the middle of the concave, and the eight replaceable steel traction pins per side make sure that they aren’t going anywhere.

As good as all this sounds on paper, I can’t wait to actually get my feet on a set of these so that I can try them out for myself. I’ll be ordering up some next week, and you can expect a proper review of them sometime in the near future.

The Grandstand alloy pedals just landed at Full Factory (Odyssey’s distro) and should be showing up at shops and mail orders any day now. I’m not quite sure as to just how much they’ll cost since they haven’t hit stores quite yet, but according to Odyssey, affordability was part of the design criteria. I’ll update this post with the exact price as soon as I know. For now though, I’d hit up your favorite shop or mail order to lock down a set.

bmx trails dirt jumping

bmx trails dirt jumping