Product Spotlight: Relic Eon Stem

Clean, simple and durable parts are what Relic is known for, and not surprisingly their Eon stem ticks all of those boxes. The Eon is Chad Osburn’s signature stem and if you’ve seen Chad ride, then you know that he demands a lot from the parts he runs.

On the outside the Eon’s 6061 T6 aluminum cap and body are smooth and free of any crazy cutouts, just a small logo machined into the bottom of the body and Relic machined into the cap. Inside you’ll find some modest machining to the body below where the bars sit. There was definitely a time when manufacturers where going crazy in there machining stems out to the point where they were just hollow shells that resembled stems. There’s none of that here, just a small pocket to remove a little weight while still maintaining the stem’s strength.

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Six solid bolts keep your bars in place in the stem and your stem firmly clamped to your forks. The gap on the back of the stem is generous, so no need to worry about it pinching together over time. A reach of 53mm and rise of 29mm gets your bars both out and up, and a weight of 11 ounces instills confidence while not being a brick.

bmx trails dirt jumping

In short, Relic’s Eon stem is something that you can put on your bike and forget about, and that’s a good thing when you’re talking about a part that’s so critical to the integrity of the front end of your bike. The Eon stem retails for right around $60 and is available now from Relic’s dealers worldwide, including right here in the CYDI Speed Shop!

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