Pumped BMX

“Who needs to dig when you can have this with you at all times!” That’s what my roommate posted on my Facebook wall yesterday. Even though I have both an iPhone and an iPad I’m really not a fan of playing games on them. Call me old fashioned, a traditionalist, or whatever you want, but I like using a controller when I play games. Using the device’s accelerometer for control just always seems off to me, and virtual control pads and joysticks are even worse. That said, I’ve downloaded less than a handfull of games, and the ones that I have rarely get played. Usually I’ll give them a go if I’m on a flight only to quickly turn them off and opt for music instead. Pumped BMX sparks my interest though. It looks fun, simple, and seems like a game that would lend itself well to being played on an iOS device. While I won’t be trading in my shovel for a game, I will definitely check it out. Props has an interview with Pumped BMX’s creator Adam Hunt that gives you some insight into why he made it and what all went into taking his game from an idea to reality. Check it!

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