Řáholec Jam 2014

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This year’s Řáholec Jam is also a celebration of the L.E.S. Trails’ ten year anniversary. Making it 10 years is no easy feat for a set of trails these days. I’m sure this is going to be a celebration not to be missed!

“It’s been ten years now, since we started to dig at L.E.S. trails. A minute from 24-7 gas station with always cold beer, near to a pond for summer refreshment, with decent dirt and within a pedal distance from beautiful town of Jicin, it was clear this spot has a potential. For those last ten years trails evolved from a 4-foot tall six-pack into regular trail place with bunch of lines for all kind of riders who enjoy woods and trails. Ten years isn’t few and it deserves proper celebration. There is no better way than infamous Řáholec Jam. All open party at woods with all-day riding, draught beer, crazy comps, afterparty with live bands and most of all – fun. That is Řáholec Jam and nobody, who likes trails and all the stuff around, should miss this one.

Řáholec Jam 2014 – 10th year anniversary of L.E.S. trails


Jicin, Czech Republic

Supported by Vans, Jägermeister, Red Bull”


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