Red Bull Dreamline Prelims

From everything I’ve heard, Dreamline was one of the most amazing contest ever. Videos of the prelims are starting to pop up everywhere, but this one from Vital is the most comprehensive that I’ve seen. I’m betting Red Bull put the kibosh on people filming the finals, so we’ll probably have to wait until October 26th to see them on NBC. We may not be able to see the finals just yet but you can peep the results after the jump.


1. Pat Casey (USA)
2. TJ Ellis (USA)
3. Kyle Baldock (AUS)
4. Ben Wallace (UK )
5. Dawid Godziek (POL)
6. Chris Doyle (USA)
7. Seth Klinger (USA )
8. Cam White (AUS)
9. Mike “Hucker” Clark (USA )
10. Joey Cordova (USA)
11. Ronnie Napolitan (USA)
12. Dennis Enarson (USA)