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I’ll be putting my money on Foster, granted he was invited and is down to make a return to racing. Read the full press release after the jump.

Red Bull R.Evolution: Rocking Germany’s capital on 20-inch wheels

Munich, July 17, 2012 – Freestyle BMX riders battling each other at full speed on a race track, and racers flying over the final jump with insane tricks: that’s Red Bull R.Evolution at Berlin’s Mellowpark on August 24, 2012! With this innovative competition at Germany’s capital, Red Bull presents an all-new SX event concept for international and German BMXers integrating numerous freestyle elements into a race track with absolute flow. The idea behind the event: to get away from rules and strict regulations, back to the origins of BMX and pure riding pleasure – a welcome diversion for the international top riders after their stressful season. The race track will be erected at Berlin’s Mellowpark especially for the event, and will be maintained thereafter. This makes Mellowpark the biggest and most varied training facility in Germany, which is good news for the country’s BMXers, especially with regard to major BMX events in the future. For further information, please visit 

Yes to variety, no to boring tea parties! For the world’s best BMX riders as well as for the fans on site and the viewers watching the live webcast, the demanding and unique Red Bull R.Evolution track will provide top-notch action never seen before. A special score for the most stylish final jump guarantees an extra dose of adrenaline. 64 participants will be at the start, including 32 invited riders (according to UCI world ranking), 16 wild cards (riders with a freestyle background & big names) and 16 riders who advance from the qualifier that will be held on August 23. In each run, eight riders will race down the ten-metre starting ramp simultaneously. The four fastest riders crossing the finish line will advance to the next round. Finally, the showdown of the remaining eight riders on the night of August 24 will test the nerves of riders and spectators alike.

In building the track, no limits were set to the planners’ creativity. The result is a track that is truly unique and varied like no other. Directly after leaving the starting tower, the riders will jump over the track with a speed of 60 km/h. Subsequently, they nearly don’t have to pedal anymore as the track shines with a unique flow. What follows is a jump & snake section which is quite untypical for racing, and an enhanced box jump. Finally, there’s the massive final jump where the riders will get a special freestyle score. The 3 judges Paul de Jong (NED), Tobias Wicke (GER), and Steve Spencer (USA) will select the best trick in every heat according to difficulty, execution, and style. In the end, the rider with the most style points will get extra prize-money. At each of the head-to-head duels, the eight riders will fight until their legs burn and the crowd goes wild. BMX legend Mike Day (USA) is absolutely stoked by the concept: “BMX for me has always been a passion and has taken me all over the world loving and enjoying riding my bike together with other riders. I am sure we will have good times at Red Bull R.Evolution. As the masterminds behind this project are hands down the best in the business I am expecting one of the most dialed tracks to hit the scene.”

In addition to international top stars also some local heroes will compete, including Germany’s best BMX riders. The Red Bull R.Evolution will have a heavy influence on the German BMX racing scene. Such an event will extremely increase the level of awareness for the BMX sport. Kids all over Germany will get excited about BMX racing.

Entrance to Red Bull R.Evolution is 5 Euro. Tickets will be available in pre-sale from August 1, 2012, and at the Mellowpark box office on the day of the event. For updates on programme, field of riders and side events, please visit

Programme on Friday, August 24, 2012:
7.00 – 8.30 pm 1/8 Finals (3 rounds)
8.30 – 9.20 pm 1/4 Finals
9.20 – 9.45 pm 1/2 Finals
9:45 – 10.00 pm Final


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