Review: Cold Steel Two Handed Katana Machete

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When I was growing up ninjas were the end all be all epitome of coolness. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Shinobi, and Ninja Gaiden were just a few of the things inspiring us to want to learn the stealthy lethal techniques of the ninja. Just like so many things in America, overcapitalization ran something that we once held as so cool straight into the ground. I think Surf Ninjas was pretty much the final straw for me. I kind of feel sorry for my mom having to deal with my ninja phase. Somehow she didn’t loose her mind having to tell me every day that I couldn’t have throwing stars, nunchucks, or the oh so coveted katana blade. Luckily for me she never caved on that because I would have probably chopped off my arm or someone else’s. Well fast forward 20 or so years and I’m a grown ass adult who can buy what he wants. So when I came across the Cold Steel Two Handed Katana Machete it was game on. I couldn’t hit the checkout button fast enough, and over the next week found myself jumping up at the sound of any big truck that drove by thinking it was UPS. Unfortunately it took a little longer than expected for me to get it because the seller didn’t require a signature confirmation and someone jacked the first one they shipped off of my porch. Yep, there’s probably a crazed crackhead roaming the streets of Washington, DC right now with a katana machete! 

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We have a lot of brush and thorns to deal with when blazing new lines at my trails. It’s some on the thickest undergrowth I’ve ever seen, and up until the arrival of the katana machete we had been dealing with it with just shovels, rakes, and a hand saw. As thick as the growth is it’s no match for this thing. It chops right through it all and the long blade and handle help keep your hands back away from the thorns. I figured it would tackle the brush pretty well, but what I didn’t expect was it’s ability to chop through branches and even small trees. Since you are able to swing it with both arms the power you can get behind the swing enables it to easily slice right through things bigger than you would imagine. It’s drastically reduced the time it takes us to clear a new line, plus it’s fun as hell. The fantasies of ninja greatness I had as a kid have now been completely satisfied.

It comes razor sharp so it effortlessly slices through even the thickest brush. As an added bonus you can chop through small branches and trees that you would have previously needed a saw to get through. Did I mention how much fun it is using it? It cost about the same as a normal machete, so why not have some fun while you work.

My only complaint is that it doesn’t come with the sheath that Cold Steel offers. As soon as the machete arrived I was regretting not ordering the sheath to go with it. The blade is ridiculously sharp and not having something to cover it up made it a hassle to transport it to the trails. I ended up wrapping it in a towel but it definitely wasn’t ideal. Do yourself a favor and order the sheath with it.

Fun and ninja fantasies aside, this is an awesome tool. It’s sped up the whole brush clearing process for us and in many cases has replaced the handsaw I once used to take care of branches and saplings. Even though it’s relatively inexpensive it’s well made and can easily be sharpened giving it years of usability. It’s a tool that I can’t imagine being without and one I think a lot of people would appreciate.

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