Tool Review: Fiskars Brush Axe

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I’m sure by now you all are aware of the affinity I have for my katana machete. It’s my go to tool for cutting things back, clearing the way for new lines, or anything else that requires having the shit chopped out of it. If it were up to me everybody at the trails would be armed with one. That way when the time arose for some serious clearing we’d all be able to work together on it. Ol’ Jakey Jake had other ideas though. Rather than purchasing a tool we already had, he decided to try out something different. We’d been having good luck with tools from Fiskars so he decided to give their Brush Axe a try. We’re lucky we’re all still alive! Read on to find out why! 


$26.97 plus shipping

When this thing showed up at the house I was just as excited as Jake was to get it out into the woods. The initial thoughts were that it worked pretty good and would be great at smaller task that didn’t need something as large as a full on machete. That changed for me when I went hacking away at a thorn bush. One swing and a huge problem came to light. Since it’s so short, your hand ends up being really close to whatever your swinging at. Watch out if that happens to be thorns because you may end up like me and have to spend the next five minutes pulling them out of your hand.

So its not great for cutting thorn bushes, that doesn’t make it all bad right? Well let me tell you about the next and a potentially deadly flaw. The handle is an untextured plastic that is kind of slick to begin with. Add a little hand sweat into that equation and this thing becomes a projectile. Gloves don’t even really grip it all that well. At this point almost everyone at the trails has almost had their head taken off due to this thing slipping out of someone’s hand. Seriously it’s a miracle that no one has been hurt yet. It’s nothing to see it go flying 30 feet while someone is using it.

It’s actually pretty good for chopping through stuff. It’s got some weight to it so you can actually get through bigger things than you might imagine.

My two main complaints with this thing are that it puts your hand too close to the brush you’re cutting, and then there’s that pesky problem with it flying out of that same hand. The latter is the bigger issue as it could seriously f*ck someone up pretty good. It’s funny to watch everyone start to scatter when this thing comes out at the trails. I’m really surprised that the people at Fiskars didn’t realize this problem and give it a handle with more grip. I’ll probably end up modding ours with a bike grip or something to help keep it from decapitating someone.

Eh….. I do think that it’s a good tool but you should definitely consider addressing the grip (or lack there of) concern before you get too crazy with it. Like I said, you can probably stretch an old bike grip onto the handle or even wrap it with some bar tape. Just make sure you do something so that you don’t maim someone!