Review: Fiskars Leaf Rake

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Fiskars Rake Path

Coming off the purchase of the very well designed digging shovel I was curious to look at what else Fiskars was putting out. They have a lot more than you think! We had recently broken the handle of our only rake about a third of the way off, so what better reason to buy another orange handled tool! (Editors note: We broke it the rest of the way off making a splint to hold this assholes leg together.)

Purchased From
Home Depot

$15.97 plus shipping

With the aluminum handle, and relatively thin rake head and tines you can quickly notice the weight difference from that of traditional wooden handled rake. The handle is also tear dropped to lessen fatigue and helps give you a little more torque if you need to dig in a bit more on one side. Coming back to the thinner tines, they really seam to float over the ground instead of just scraping into it. These allow you to pull just the leaves and not dig into the the surface of the lip, landing or berm you worked so hard to perfect.

– Light aluminum design ( No splinters from this thing)
– Flexible “designed not to break” tines
– Ergonomically shaped handle

The head has a slight curve in the middle, which causes the center tines to be slightly raised from the ones on the edges. This I believe helps trap the leaves from coming out the sides from the added pressure (which isn’t much) that you have to push with to get the center to have proper leaf removal. Now this may not affect you much, but this does make getting a level grade a bit harder if you using the rake to smooth out loose dirt and clay on a ridable surfaces.

Who doesn’t like a nice tidy and leaf free path/riding surface at the trails? I know I do! So if you are in need of a new rake then by all means give it a shot, you will not be disappointed.

Fiskars Leaf Rake

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