Review: Fox Reflex Gel Glove

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Gloves… Some people have to ride with them other people can’t stand anything but raw dogging their grips. Personally in the summer my hands sweat like crazy, so gloves are a necessity to hold on through a section. Yet when building said sections I have found that I desire more comfort for long days of digging. Here is where the Fox Reflex Gel Gloves come into play. 

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After the first year of digging at our spot I had blown through two pairs of gloves and my hands were consistently sore the day after digging. Over this past mild winter we pushed on with the building so I knew I needed to protect my hands better. I had never used gel gloves before but hoped they would help reduce fatigue, especially while pick-axing. They performed just as I wanted, a nice slim form fitted glove that cushioned the blow.

– Obviously the gel pads in the palm to reduce vibration
– Terry cloth sweat/snot wipe area
– Form fit
– Sticky print on the fingers

– Not much ventilation
– Uncomfortable to ride with due to the gel pads

Fox makes the best gloves in my opinion. Working at a bike shop for a decade I was able to try plenty of brands, yet I always come back to Fox. These aren’t a multipurpose glove for those who like to ride with a minimalist glove, but they will definitely take the shock out riding and digging. If you are looking to reduce fatigue while digging, especially while packing and stacking then I would give these a try.