Review: Human Creations EnergyFlux Rechargeable Hand Warmer / External Battery

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I think the best presents are the ones that you don’t even know exist until you get them but they become something you can’t imagine being without. That’s just how the EnergyFlux Rechargeable Hand Warm / External Battery was for me. I had never heard of it or even knew there was such a thing until I unwrapped it on Christmas morning. 

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The EnergyFlux has one switch with three positions so it really couldn’t be much easier to use. The first postion is off but also the position you want it to be in if you are going to use it as an external battery. The next postion is the low setting for the hand warmer. Low will get the EnergyFlux heated up to around 110 degrees depending on how cold it is outside. The final position is the high setting and gets it up to 120 degrees. My hands are always freezing so I usually put the handwarmer on high. It’s the perfect amount of heat to get your hands warmed back up quickly but not too much to be uncomfortable. The battery last about five hours on high and six hours on low. It’s been pretty cold here lately so I’ve been using it a lot. We’ve also been moving rocks around so my hands have been getting extra cold. I usually plug the EnergyFlux in every evening but there have been times where I’ve forgotten to and have been able to squeeze a few dig sessions out of one charge. I don’t keep it on the whole time, rather I just turn it on for a bit when I want to warm up the paws. How cold it is outside affects how quickly it warms up but it’s usually ready to rock in under two minutes. I’ve only used it once to charge my phone but it worked like a charm. It comes with a cable and multiple adaptors to fit pretty much any phone you could possible have. Just plug it in and it gets right to charging. It will even charge a device as large as an iPad.

The EnergyFlux is simple, easy to use, and comes with adaptors to charge a variety of devices. I think my favorite thing about it is that it’s something that is useful all year long. It keeps my hands warm in the winter and it’s a backup against a dead phone battery year round. For me it’s a permanent fixture in my backpack from now on.

There’s actually nothing that I don’t like about it. It seems pretty tough so far and even when it’s gotten filthy in my bag it’s continued working with no problems.

As a person who always has cold hands and a phone always about to die this is a no-brainer. It serves two very useful purposes. It’s definitely going to see a lot of use over the winter, but it’s the kind of gaget that you can toss in your bag and forget about for months. Then there will be a time when your on a trip and your phone is at 1% with nowhere to charge it and you’ll remember the EnergyFlux is hiding in the bottom of your bag waiting to get you out of that jam.

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