Review: MX Trails “Trekt Op Nieks” DVD

bmx trails dirt jumping

I’d be lying if I said that I had any inclination that I’d be reviewing a trails DVD this year. With how easy it is these days to slap some footage together and throw it up on YouTube or Vimeo, I thought the days of DVDs were unfortunately behind us. Luckily our Belgium friends from the MX Trails decided not to go the easy route, and instead took the footage they’ve been gathering up for the past few years from their travels around the world and turned it into a proper full length trails DVD.

I’ll spare you the play by play breakdown and keep this short and to the point. Trekt Op Nieks is everything that I would want a trails DVD to be; a solid crew, tons of spots and a rockin’ soundtrack. Minus a couple drunken fireside clips, you won’t find any filler in here. There’s none of those artsy watering the jumps shots, just 37 minutes of dudes shredding the absolute fuck out of a bunch of different trails. You get full parts from Joackim “Foerske'” Segaert, Jelle Nys (Yellow Belg) and Jeroen Meersman (Red Belg). Niko Vink and Timo Bauwens split a part, and there are a couple of mix sections featuring the crew’s friends from around the world.

The list of spots that these guys went to is impressive, to say the least! Posh, Catty, Banos, Hazelwood, Ermite, PSA, Leatherhead, Villij, Grandmas Trails and the list goes on. As much as I enjoyed seeing them ride all of those places, what I was most stoked on was the footage from their own spot, the MX Trails. You can definitely tell that they bring a lot of inspiration back from their trail travels and put it into what they build there. The place is as unique as it is wild, and I hope that now that they’re done with the DVD, they’ll continue to bless us with more video from there.

Trekt Op Nieks is definitely a must have for your collection! I’d even go as far to say that it’s somewhere comfortably in my top five of all time favorite trails videos. It’s just a kickass, no bullshit trails video that no matter whether you’re going out to ride or to dig, you can throw it on beforehand and it will get you fired up to both roast and stack a little higher!

Hit up the CYDI STORE to pick up a copy! SORRY SOLD OUT! We’ll let you know when/if we get some more!


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