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Review: The Back Bone Video

Full length BMX DVD releases are becoming fewer and farther between with each passing year, and those with trails in them have become rarer than hen’s teeth. The trails community collectively popped a boner when Back Bone announced that they were going to be releasing a full length DVD. Anyone that knows anything about Back Bone knows that Rhysty and the crew are all about trails. Sure they have a few street guys on their team, but they also have the most impressive roster of Australian trail riders that has ever been assembled. After three years of accumulating footage, Back Bone tasked Brendan Boeck with the job of combining it all into one epic team video simply titled “The Back Bone Video.” Both the team and Brendan more than came through, and the result is 57 minutes of pure Australian bicycle motocross.

The video features full sections from Russel Brindley, Chris Harti, Benn Pigot, Jack Gruber, Rhysty, Will Gunn, Zac Miner, Tyson Jones-Peni and Jack O’Reilly. Benn, Zac and both Jack’s parts are all street and park so I didn’t really pay too much attention to them the first time I watched the video, and skipped through them entirely on my subsequent views. No disrespect to those dudes but street just isn’t my thing. Will Gunn’s part is pretty heavy on the street but also sneaks in some footage of him roasting some Catty, H-Wood and a couple of other spots. I was actually pretty cool to see how well rounded of a rider he is!

Now let’s talk about Russell, Chris, Rhysty and Tyson’s sections! Those have definitely been playing on heavy rotation ever since I got the video. Back Bone’s head honcho, Rhysty keeps it 100% trails, while the other guys throw a bit of park street into their sections. Each of them have their own unique style that makes each section distinctly different and a real treat to watch. Their parts feature clips from a number of different trails but Hillfire is the most predominant. That’s in no way a bad thing because the place is not only impressive, but also has a backdrop and sunsets that you would only find in OZ.

And then there’s the trail mix section… It’s pretty much a who’s who and where’s where of trail dudes and spots from all over the world. I would have happy bought the damn video if the trail mix was all that it was! From the opening with Jared Carter’s spot to the last clip of a kangaroo ripping through Hillfire, it’s plain and simply fucking awesome!

I’m going to leave it at that because there’s no need to ruin the video for by going too in-depth into each and every part. I will say that if there’s one DVD that you need to add to your collection this year it’s the The Back Bone Video. Who knows when the next time will be that you’ll have a chance to get your hands on a DVD chock full of this much amazing trail riding! You can pick up a copy from the CYDI Store. I’d suggest you scoop one up sooner rather than later because we are starting to run low!

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