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I may be a little bit biased here, but I got to say that Vinyl‘s new “LP” DVD is fucking awesome! I think lately BMX videos have become rather stagnant and repetitive, and “LP” is just what we needed to buck that trend. It’s definitely a trails heavy video which is exactly what I was hoping for, but it also has a good bit of park and street mixed in. Brad Gibbs part is all street, and it will keep you entertained even if that’s not your thing. The kid rides street like a man! He’d rather be bombing ridiculous rails than dicking around on shin high flat ledges. I know that first hand because when they were filming for “LP” I took him to every big rail in DC I could think of and he handled them all. Well, all but one, but I don’t think that thing will ever get done. I’m not going to waste your time breaking down every section of the video. Just know that along with Brad Gibbs part, Vince Primel, Jeremy Muller, Tom Arkus, Mark Potoczny, and Ryan Wert all have full sections. There are also mix sections with riders such as Brian Yeagle, Chris Doyle, Ryan Popple, Gary Young, Kevin Porter, and the list just keeps on going. My favorite thing about “LP” is that it’s loaded with trails footage from both the U.S. and France. There are trails in here that I have never seen or even know the name of that are the most amazing and¬†immaculately¬†dialed spots I have ever laid eyes on. As much as the riding makes “LP” a great video, the locations play just as big a part. Tom Arkus did an incredible job with “LP”. From the filming, to the editing, and even to the packaging, he left no detail unattended to. In this day and age of web video supremacy, Vinyl’s “LP” DVD is definitely one video that you’ll want to own a hard copy of! It’s available now at shops and mail orders, and we even have some copies available in the Can You Dig It Store.

Orders of Vinyl’s “LP” DVD from the store ship for FREE through next week!

Vinyl BMX Official DVD Trailer

Vinyl “LP” Trailer 2

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