Review/Comparison: S&M Holmes 22″ VS Faction Amero

There’s been a good amount of buzz around 22″ wheeled bikes lately. Some of it is curiosity as to how they ride, and some of it is taller guys looking for something more accommodating. Shawn Shimkets is one of those taller guys who you look at and wonder how in the hell they ride a BMX bike. Up until the 22s came out he was rocking a custom Standard with a 22″ top tube. Shawn shreds so it seemed to be working for him but when the opportunity came up to get on something bigger he jumped at it. He put together this really in depth video comparison between two of the more known 22″ wheeled bikes out right now. The S&M Holmes 22″ has been out for a few months now, while the Faction Amero is a newcomer to the scene. Faction isn’t new though! They have been producing 22″ wheeled bikes for a few years now and could be considered the pioneer of them. If 22s are something that have piqued your curiosity then you’ll definitely want to check out this video.