Ronnie Napolitan Combat Bar Video

Ronnie is one of the best underrated riders out their. Take a look at this video it has everything you need, even a run at Catty Woods  @ 01:20 into the video. Full details here

“Ronnie is a BEAST! He is a big giant Viking that lays down beatings on all bikes across the land. Since no handlebars can hold up to the abuse that this Viking dishes out, Ronnie decided to design the COMBAT BAR.
The COMBAT BAR is the greatest bar to hit the scene since CHEERS! The COMBAT BAR can hold up to even the most brutal attacks on a 20 inch yet is light weight and has the kind of handling even a mother could love. Check out what Ronnie can do with these bars and what they can do for you!”

Filmed & Edited by Mike Mastroni
Music: Green & Wood – “Rockin Real Hard”