Save Vercoe Trails!

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Another spot is in need of your help! Take a second to sign this petition to help save the Vercoe Trails. You can also keep up with what’s going on by joining their Facebook group. They’ve been posting lots of pics and videos showing all the good times that have been had at Vercoe. Let’s really hope they can get things sorted!

“For 15 years Vercoe trails located in Waukegan, IL have served the BMX community as one of the best BMX Trails locations¬†in the Midwest. Built and maintained entirely by hand by a handful of local BMX riders for the pleasure of local riders and from all over the world. Sadly the future for this trail spot is is uncertain as one of the land owners has put part of the land the trails occupies up for sale. While we’ve always known the trails are located on private land and that the owner is well within their rights to do what they wish, were hoping there is some alternative or compromise that can be met.¬†

Please show your support and help anyway you can to preserve this BMX hotspot!”