Scanned: 1996 Mongoose Solution Pro R/S

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The other day myself and a few guys were sitting around after a session at Boondocks and we got to talking about kooky bmx frames. A good number of the obvious ones came up like the Jad Sherman, Elf Doublecross, TNT Hwa Fong Daddy, Ace Holeshot, and even the two wheel drive Herrington Crusader II. One frame that didn’t get brought up and one that I had all but forgotten about until I ran across my 1996 Mongoose catalog was the Solution Pro R/S. Not only did this thing come stock with the infamous Answer Pro-Forx, but it also had a rear shock! I’m not even going to lie, my 15 year old motocrosser wannabe self wanted this thing back in the day. Hell I want it now cause I’m curious as to how such a contraption would ride. I don’t think it ever really went into production. Unlike all of the other frames I listed above (sans the Herrington Crusader II) I’ve never seen one of these in person. I did a Google and a Bing search (yes Bing!) and I couldn’t find a single picture or even a mention of this thing. I really think they just made a few of them for some of the team to fuck around on and to add some extra hype to the catalog. It worked because I remember passing this catalog around the lunch table at school and all of us drooling over not just the Solution Pro R/S but over all of the other Mongeese in there.