Sealed Pedals are Pointless (Joe Rich Agrees)

One time I went to some trails in New Jersey and the locals were seriously giving me shit for not having sealed pedals. I’m fairly certain my response back to them was the same as the title, “sealed pedals are pointless”. What’s funny is that the same set of unsealed pedals they were clowning lasted me over five years. The only reason I swapped them out was because I wanted a different color. I ended up giving them to someone else, and as far as I know they are still rocking on. Why anyone sees the need to spend twice as much to have a sealed bearing is beyond me. You caught that I said “a”, as in a singular sealed bearing right? Allow me to enlighten those of you who haven’t opened up a set of “sealed pedals”. For the most part what you get for double the cost is one cartridge bearing and one sealed bushing. I’ve had a few sets of sealed pedals in my day and I always found myself having to work on them because they inevitably blew up. I’ll take a good ol’ set of loose ball pedals any day over their sealed counterparts. With a little grease and some tinkering you can have those bitches as smooth or smoother than any set of sealed pedals. Plus you can dial in a set of loose ball pedals if you like to kick your feet off and don’t want them spinning all crazy. Let me play devils advocate here for a second and consider the possibility that maybe a fresh out of the box pair of sealed pedals are marginally smoother than unsealed ones. If you can actually tell the difference between them when you’re pedaling then you need to get yourself to a doctor as soon as possible because there is something majorly wrong with your vagina. I’m very happy to see that Joe Rich shares my opinion on this one!