Shawn Real Needs Our Help!

bmx trails dirt jumping

That photo above hits real close to home for me. Back in the day I had a set of forks break in that exact same way. I got incredibly lucky and somehow managed to come out relatively unscathed. My shirt tore completely off but other than that the only damage was a little scrape on my chest. Unfortunately the same can’t be said for my old buddy Shawn Real. When his forks broke at Keyko he had no time to even get his hands out to break the fall. As a result he was left barely conscious and with four broken vertebra. Shawn’s work doesn’t provide heath insurance, and as you can imagine the bills are stacking up quickly. His friends have set up a Gofundme for him to help him out in this time of need and I urge you to help him out with any size donation you can. You can do so right HERE.

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