Skelton Shirt Update

bmx trails dirt jumping

Just a quick update on our new Skeleton shirts for those of you who missed it on social media. First off, we’ll be picking them up from the printer tomorrow and shipping out the pre-orders tomorrow evening. Stoked to not be keeping you waiting like what happened with the Dig Monster shirts! Secondly, let me tell you about the printing method we used for these. We went with something different where no ink is used, just the discharge base that removes the shirt’s color leaving the natural color of the fabric. The result is a design that has the same soft feel as the rest of the shirt. This also means that each shirt will be unique because of the small variances in the fabric fibers. If you pre-ordered one expect it to be hitting your mailbox sometime next week (the following week if you’re outside the US). If you haven’t ordered one yet, what are you waiting for!? Hit that link below and get on it!