State College Trails Plowed

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It looks like the hammer has fallen on the State College Trails in Pennsylvania. I only made it there once, but am really glad to have gotten to ride such a legendary set of trails. Check out some words from Mike Gentilcore about the spots history after the jump. 

It’s the end of an era…Tom Worrick called me yesterday to tell me our State College trails have been plowed. These trails, aka, “The Field”, were started by Tom Worrick, Ralph Ivory, Mark Fairbaugh, and myself in 1987, and were later carried forward by several of my Bethlehem trail brothers. The photo shown here is me in 1991.

These trails were a big part of BMX history as they had the first modern trails-style rhythm section, which went on to combine with other true PA originals to influence riders across the state and around the world.

While we are sad to see it go, we are thankful for the great times, proud that all of the original crew are still riding, still pumped on true bicycle motocross, and determined to carry the 4130 forward wherever our shovels hit the ground. Trust me…we just got started.

State College Trails, “The Field”, 1987-2012, RIP

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