AB Trails Jam 2015 POV

I don’t think that I’ll ever not be blown away by the AB Trails when I see them. The place is so buttery smooth, and the edges… the edges look like the made with some kind of laser implement! Three years into doing CYDI and I’m still just as amazed by the place as I… Continue reading AB Trails Jam 2015 POV

Sickhead Trailanertour England

It’s no big secret that I’m not the biggest fan of POV videos. I actually really enjoyed this one though. Sure there were a few moments where I felt seasick, but it was worth it to see the amazing trail creations the A.B. Trails Crew rode on their trip through England.

A.B. Berm Art

I love seeing what the A.B. guys are up to. The dudes are like Michelangelo with a shovel. Hopefully one day I’ll get to see this stuff in person. Until then I’ll just have to settle with stalking the woods-bmx site.

Dirt Wave All Day

I know some people aren’t into the whole squaring shit off/trail art thing, but you’d be hard pressed not to be psyched on this. I swear the A.B. Trails have modeling putty for dirt.

A.B. Berm Magic

How amazing does this berm look! The crew at the A.B. Trails never cease to amaze. Spotted on woods-bmx

AB Art

I’m always salivating over pics of the A.B. Trails that I find over on the woods-bmx site. Today I could have really used a spittoon or something to catch all the drool I created while watching their new summer/fall edit!

Schaufelgesellschaft POV

Schaufelgesellschaft translated from German to English means shovel company. Schaufelgesellschaft is also the name of the new line at the A.B. Trails, and here’s a quick POV of the first couple of runs through it. Those dudes are artist who’s medium is dirt!

A.B. Trails Edit

I’m really happy to see footage of this spot. I’m always on woods-bmx admiring the work these guys put in and the perfect dirt they have. Looks like all the work has paid off and the new lines they’ve build are working out.