Abbaretz Trails – Final Session of 2017

Usually these final session of the year videos come in around mid-November but the 2017 season has seemingly been a weird one worldwide. Though this is from supposedly the last session of the year at Abbaretz, maybe they’ll get lucky like us here and be able to sneak a few more in before 2018.

Abbaretz Trails 2014

It seems like it’s only once a year that we see something from the Abbaretz Trails. I’m very intrigued by the moon like dirt they have there, so I’m always excited when an edit pops up like this one did on Compression.

On the Road

Here’s another one from our friends over at GetaBMX. They took a trails road trip from Barcelona through France and came back with enough footage for a 17 minute EP length video! There are so many rad spots in here, including Urkatu, Abbaretz, that wild dirt bowl from THIS edit, and a few that I… Continue reading On the Road