Adelaide City Promo

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  I vote to rename the place RADelaide, because any place that’s not only cool enough to have a public spot like City Dirt, but also to feature it in a commercial to promote the city is definitely a rad place to live!

Tom Hall – One Run

Tom Hall coming through with this short but sweet edit of him cruising a run through Adelaide City Dirt. I’ve gotten so used to seeing this dude with a shovel in his hands that I totally forgot he shreds hard as f*ck!

Nitro Circus @ Adelaide City Dirt

And speaking of Adelaide City Dirt, here’s a video I happened to come across of Ryan Williams and Jaie Toohey stopping by for a session before the big Nitro Circus show in Adelaide. It’s a little vloggy and the jumps definitely could have used a little water, but it gives you a good look at… Continue reading Nitro Circus @ Adelaide City Dirt

Adelaide City Dirt Jam

The annual Octoberfest Jam at Adelaide City Dirt was unfortunately a rain out last year and had to be postponed six months or so until April 29th. The good news is that’s only a little over a week away!

The Goings On This Weekend

With so many different jams going on this weekend, there’s plenty of opportunities for you to get out there and have a blast with some fellow trail riders. Usually I post individual reminders for jams that are coming up, but there are just too many this weekend. Hit the jump button for all of the… Continue reading The Goings On This Weekend