Not OSHA Approved

Oh, your trails don’t have flaming chainsaw filled barrels between the jumps? Well neither do ours, not normally at least. Add this to the ever growing list of sketchy moments in the woods. OSHA would definitely frown upon some of the things we have going on back there.

Anacostia Trails Jam

Mike Farnham came through with a little edit from the jam we had at our local spot.  It was 100 degrees and that tree shut down half of the trails but we made the best of it.  Good times for sure and I can’t wait to do another one this fall.

Dodo Bird

So this happened at our jam yesterday.  Last week we had a crazy storm roll through and take out a bunch of trees around the area.  I was expecting the worst when I went to check out the trails, but we only had one tree down and one with a little split in it.  Unfortunately… Continue reading Dodo Bird