Deluxe – Made In PA Promo

Ask and you shall receive! Just yesterday I was thinking to myself, “I wonder what’s going on with Deluxe?”, and then what do I come across this morning during my daily perusing of the internet? This rad promo that Ty Stuy produced for them is what! It’s taken a little bit for them to get things dialed in and running, but I’m glad they’ve taken that time to do it they way that they have. Having Deluxe frames being made in the US is awesome, but having their frames being made by THEM in the motherland of trails that is…

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DIG Snapshots – Back East For Fall

Our friend Brian Barnhart has a rad collection of photos that he shot while back home on the East Coast that you can check out over on DIG. Don’t really need any more of a description than that! Get on over to the DIG site and peep them!

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Flashback: Hitler

I had my flashback post for this week all picked out and ready to go but then Schwartz reminded me of this gem from the Clint and the Eastside Crew. I don’t know what’s the best part of this, the riding, Tom Dugan looking like he’s never used a shovel before, or the ball breaking he receives for not being able to use said shovel properly.

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Catty in the News

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player The Catty boys have gone and landed themselves on the Channel 69 News. Before anyone ask, I’m not being facetious with that channel number. Channel 69 came out and did a spot on Catty and how the Borough of Catasauqua supports the “EXTREME” acts going on up in the woods there. Even though there are a few corny teleprompted lines, it’s cool to see the Catty Crew getting recognition outside of the BMX community for all of their hard work. You can make a donation towards that 10k insurance bill HERE

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Catty & Posh Trail Day

HEAVY sessions going down in the PA Woods this weekend!┬áDoug Foulke is on it and already whipped together an edit from yesterday’s.

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This made my day! John Decaprio put together this piece on the always radical Andy Schwartz. If only every set of trails had a Schwartz!

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