Demolition Doyle X Anthem Seat Clearance Sale

I had all but forgotten about the rad Chris Doyle X Anthem pivotal seats that Demolition had done a few years back; that was until they posted on Instagram yesterday about them being on clearance for only $14.99. You’d be hard pressed to find any pivotal seat that cheap, let alone one that looks as… Continue reading Demolition Doyle X Anthem Seat Clearance Sale

Doyle x Anthem Seat Ad

Demolition just put up this online ad of the D-man doing a 360 seatgrab x-up to promote their newly released Doyle X Anthem seat. .  See it in all its glory after the jump.

New Doyle Signature Products

Demolition just received their highly anticipated Chris Doyle X Anthem seat along with a slimmed down version of his signature Keystone Stem. The stem features a shorter 53mm reach, a lower stack height, and a new cnc logo. The seat is a slim pivotal style with 5mm padding, soft vinyl fabric mimicking high-end ostrich leather, and of course… Continue reading New Doyle Signature Products