#BGC Sesh in the Woods

Starting the week off with a nice edit from the Blue Groove Crew down at the Anthills Trails. Those damn Texas floods haven’t been too kind to this place the past few years. I’m psyched to see them going again and looking better than ever. I’ll definitely have my bike with me the next time I’m in H-town!

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Anthills Resurrection Trail Jam 2016

I’m psyched to get the week started with an edit from Saturday’s Resurrection Trail Jam at the Anthills Trails! The turnout was huge, a ton of crazy riding went down, and it seems like everyone who was out there had a blast. I got to give props to the Robert Ball and the Blue Groove Crew for busting their asses to get the trails in shape for the jam, and to Emmett Bonner from Fletcher Bike Studio for keeping people stoked on it!

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Resurrection Trail Jam

In a little less than a week and a half the Resurrection Trail Jam will be going down at the Anthills Trails in Houston, Texas. The Blue Groove Crew has been hard at work for the past several months getting the trails dialed in for the jam, and the place is looking the best that I’ve seen it look in a long time. If you’re anywhere within driving distance of Houston then you should definitely come on out on Saturday the 26th! You can get a peek at what the trails are looking like HERE

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Texas Trails Apocalypse

My heart goes out to all the trail builders down in Texas that have been dealing with crazy rains and flooding. The pictures that have been popping up on social media are hard to even look at. The ones above are from Graveyard and 9th Street, but I can tell you that Eastside and Tejano aren’t looking much better. I imagine that Red Box, Hush, and Ant Hills also look about the same. As bad as things are, I know the crews down there will get things sorted out and have the trails running better than ever. That’s the thing…

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Anthills Big Line

The first time I went to Houston the big line at Anthills wasn’t running. The second time I went it rained the entire week I was there. Hoping for better luck on the third visit!

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Gnarnia Houston Trip

Cole Cooper hit me up with this video of a trip him and the rest of the Gnarnia Crew took down to Houston. They hit up a few different parks, but the real gold in this is the time they put in at the Anthills Trails. The action starts at 01:12 so skip ahead, grab some sizzurp, and kick back and watch a fun session set to some chopped and screwed.

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