Save The Anthills!

I got the chance to check out The Anthills about seven or eight years ago when I was down in Houston visiting family. Cool spot with a kind of old school vibe that I was definitely digging. The place has had its fair share of adversity over the years due to some crazy floods, but… Continue reading Save The Anthills!

Texas Trails Apocalypse

My heart goes out to all the trail builders down in Texas that have been dealing with crazy rains and flooding. The pictures that have been popping up on social media are hard to even look at. The ones above are from Graveyard and 9th Street, but I can tell you that Eastside and Tejano… Continue reading Texas Trails Apocalypse

Anthills Big Line

The first time I went to Houston the big line at Anthills wasn’t running. The second time I went it rained the entire week I was there. Hoping for better luck on the third visit!