Nathan Sykes – Hangin With Lavs

I’m playing a bit of catch up with these Hangin with Lavs today! Before it’s Nathan’s turn to get grilled by TJ, they along with Anthony Napolitan give Nasty some shit over the phone about his ridiculously oversized wallet that he somehow forgot in Vegas. I really wish they had picked the thing apart to… Continue reading Nathan Sykes – Hangin With Lavs

Product: Colony – Anthony Napolitan Signature Bio Mech Bars

Colony has gone and given Anthony Napolitan a signature product in the way of these new Bio Mech handlebars. Two pieces of heat treated multi-butted chromoly tubing come together to form a set of bars with a rise of 8.9″, width of 29″, back sweep of 10.5° and up sweep of 2°. They’re available from… Continue reading Product: Colony – Anthony Napolitan Signature Bio Mech Bars

Tall Order – Webisode #13

00:38 and 08:17 are are the times you want to remember/jump to in this latest Tall Order webisode. The first one is a bit of hilarity as some tweaker takes himself out by running into a pedestrian on the Hermosa Beach Pier. The second is a HEATED session at the Oakley Trails with Corey Bohan,… Continue reading Tall Order – Webisode #13

Anthony Napolitan Bike Check

Profile has a bike check up on Anthony Napolitan’s current build that features Colony’s trails friendly “Tradition” frame, a slew of Profile parts, and even some rainbow titanium spokes. What’s not on there is brakes, but according to Anthony they are “coming soon.” Click HERE to have a look at what he’s been roasting The… Continue reading Anthony Napolitan Bike Check