Cory Nastazio & Tyler Trueman’s East Coast Trails Trip

Cory Nastazio and Tyler Trueman picked the absolute best time of year to pay the East Coast a visit for a trails trip. With the exception of a couple rainy days, the weather couldn’t have been any more perfect and the trails couldn’t have been any more dialed. Now that they’ve gotten a good taste… Continue reading Cory Nastazio & Tyler Trueman’s East Coast Trails Trip

Windowless Van – Shooting From the Hip

Zak Earley is still creeping around the country in that shady windowless van of his. He doesn’t use candy to try and lure people into it though, rather he has a much better bait, tasty brews from Oskar Blues. This edit corroborates the rumors that his van was recently spotted in New Jersey in the… Continue reading Windowless Van – Shooting From the Hip

Jay Trautman – Beast Coast

Jay Trautman loaded his car up with multiple bikes and made the 30 hour drive from Colorado back to the East Coast for a few weeks of visiting family and friends, and more importantly, riding! I liked this edit because the spots he visits are ones we don’t see all too often (Area 51 and… Continue reading Jay Trautman – Beast Coast

Summer Blues

This new one from John DeCaprio is the first time I’ve seen anything from Area 51 this year. I think they’ve been in the same boat as us as far as it taking forever to get things going this year. At least they got all dialed in for Fall!

Brady Baker!

I think it’s safe to say that Brady is already a legend here on the East Coast. There aren’t too many 10 year olds who can lead trains at the Boondocks, Catty, or whatever other trails he goes to. I even saw a video on his Instagram of him cruising through the Chillers at Posh!… Continue reading Brady Baker!

Area 51 Trail Session

I’m going to say that this is actually from several different sessions judging by the different states of the foliage in the background.