TRAILIFE – “Dirt Waves All Day” Part 1

Rather than putting out a full length video, Richie and the Trailife crew are releasing the footage they have online in parts. I’m certainly not going to complain because that just means that I get to see it sooner. Part one couldn’t have come at a better time. Spring is here, trail season is almost upon us, and this is some very welcome motivation to keep charging ahead with the trail mods so that this will be the best season yet!

Banos Summer Memories

It’s always a good day when it starts off with some Banos footage that I haven’t seen. This is from last summer but it’s just now hitting the interweb. Holy hell, the case at 01:22 is brutal!

TRAILIFE – “Dirt Waves All Day” Teaser

This can be described as amazing, incredible, awesome, spectacular, or whatever other adjective you want to use! I do have one problem with it though. Richie, did you have to drop this on us right when the season here is over? It’s 8 in the morning here and after watching this I’m ready to go out and roast something. Then I look out the window and reality sets in. There won’t be anything to roast for at least four months!

Flashback: Jeremy Muller’s Vinyl Trails Edit

Jeremy is the man behind the new Compression “Septembre” DVD, so it seems quite fitting to post a video of him for this week’s flashback post. Tom put this together over three years ago, and it does a pretty good job of showing you that Jems can do a bit more than just edit awesome trails videos. If you haven’t gotten a copy of “Septembre” yet, what are you waiting for?