Reminder: Help The Cottage Grove Bike Park

Voting closes on Sunday. Hit up the Bell site and help Cottage Grove!

Bell has a cool contest going on where they are giving away $100,000 to help out three different trail projects throughout the country. I checked it out when it first kicked off but at the time the only contestants were mountain biking trails. That’s no longer the case though as the Cottage Grove Bike Park outside Minneapolis, Minnesota is now in the running. You can help them win by simply making your way over to the Bell site and giving them your vote. Voting closes on May 4th and the winner will be announced promptly on the 5th. Get to it!

Texas Toast Event Guide

Texas Toast is just a little over two months away and the festivities are starting to get locked in. On top of the usual Texas Toast madness there will be an art show put on by Bell Helmets, Markit will be premiering their Zero video, and Ride's NORA Cup Awards have made the move from Vegas to Austin. All I can say is that it's going to be one hell of a weekend! Check out this nifty event guide for more info!


Three things I’ve always been a fan of are BMX, motocross, and Zak Early. This promo for Bell Helmets combines all three of them. Zak talks about what it was like growing up doing both and what Bell Helmets means to him.

Zak Earley Bell Edit

I used to love going to the Dew Tours and seeing Zak riding amongst the all the trick ferrets. While everyone else’s only concern was spinning their bikes around as many times as possible Zak would be boosting to the moon and gettin’ it sideways. There’s not enough footage of him these days, so I’m really psyched to see this Bell edit.