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A Modern Take On A Classic Frame: The 2017 GT Fueler

It’s been over twenty years since the original GT Fueler frame made it’s debut as one of just a handful of mid 90s frames that bridged the gap between the era’s flimsy race frames and overbuilt freestyle frames. Having grown up riding in that time period and experiencing first hand the self destruction of a race frame at the trails, frames like the Fueler definitely appealed to me. Something with the longer top tube and geometry of a race frame, but with some design attributes like beefier tubing and thicker dropouts taken from freestyle frames. While I personally opted for…

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GT Bicycles / Frenchys Distribution – Welcome to the Team Maxime and Timothé Bringer

Brothers Maxime and Timothé Bringer are now doing it for GT Bicycles through Frenchys Distribution. They already had Leandro Moreira on the team and now they’ve gone and added two more dirt guys. Could the Fueler be making a triumphant return in the near future? I’m talking like the halfway decent Fueler of the mid-90s, not the grossness they were pushing in the 2000s. Someone get me Ben Ward on the phone!

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