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Review: The Back Bone Video

Full length BMX DVD releases are becoming fewer and farther between with each passing year, and those with trails in them have become rarer than hen’s teeth. The trails community collectively popped a boner when Back Bone announced that they were going to be releasing a full length DVD. Anyone that knows anything about Back Bone knows that Rhysty and the crew are all about trails. Sure they have a few street guys on their team, but they also have the most impressive roster of Australian trail riders that has ever been assembled. After three years of accumulating footage, Back Bone tasked Brendan Boeck with the job of combining it all into one epic team video simply titled “The Back Bone Video.” Both the team and Brendan more than came through, and the result is 57 minutes of pure Australian bicycle motocross.


The Back Bone Video Available in the Store!

I couldn’t be more stoked to announce that we have The Back Bone Video available for pre-order in the store. They’ll be landing here early next week, and we’ll be shipping them out as soon as we get our hands on them! You can also expect a full review as soon as I get eyes on it. With full sections from Tyson Jones-Peni, Russell Brindley, Chris Harti, Benn Pigot, Jack Gruber, Will Gunn, Zac Miner, Jack O’Reilly, and even Ol’ Rhysty himself, there’s absolutely zero doubt that it will be fucking awesome! Peep the promo below and then get over to the STORE to lock down your copy.


A Very Screamo Octoberfest Edit

Last month we had “A Very EDM Octoberfest Edit” and now we have one that will appeal to those wanting a soundtrack with some emotional screaming.